Khan had to admit that she was a strong woman, but everything else wouldn’t match her. So he wasn’t too surprised that she wouldn’t give up and he was a bit relieved - because he didn’t want to drag her through this place just because she thought there was no reason anymore. “My vision clears with every second and I feel my body regenerating. I don’t think that was their plan and with a bit of luck I will be healthy in a few minutes.”, he said as he stumbled behind her down the long hallway. “I guess were somewhere down, like I said before. A cellar maybe. It looks old to me, the walls and the ceiling. Some kind of Bunker maybe? - Oh, by the way, you never told me your name.”

"I think I’m slowly losing control of my body.” she explained slowly, stumbling again. She leaned into the wall, taking in a thick breath before trying to pull herself into an upright position again. “Kobi. I’m Kobi.” she pinched her eyes shut. “I can keep moving but my vision is too blurry. Maybe if you let me hold onto your sleeve I can keep going. I promise I can keep going.” she’d be more like a child following around a parent but she’d be ambulatory. “I just don’t want to crash into a wall.”

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It was still a bit weird that no one seemed to be interested about them. The crashing door had been loud, and the woman was right - someone would have head it. But no one came to have a look, they just ignored them as if… Khan knitted his brows and lifted his head, let his eyes roam over the ceiling. He couldn’t see any details, but he was sure that they weren’t alone. “I bet they are watching us.”, he said after a few moments as he pushed himself up again.

"I bet they sit somewhere and laugh about how we try to escape our own death. Probably because they assume that we die in here, even if we manage it to leave a few doors behind us. That’s a game they are playing, they are waiting for us to give up…” Khan looked back at her while he spoke and to his surprise he was able to see her more clearly now. The difference between them was that she was bleeding, Khan was not, and his vision started to clear…

Maybe his body was able to cope with the drug?

She shuddered at the thought, pushing herself to her feet. “Well, they’re going to have a damn good show then, because I refuse to go down easy. If that means playing into their sick ass game then I’ll do it.” she ground out. She started walking down the long hallway before them, gripping his arm and tugging him once before she continued on. “Are you starting to form an idea as to where We may be?” she asked as she continued to trudge on.

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When the woman started to bleed Khan turned his head into her direction and watched her for some seconds his expression changing. Why did she have a nose bleed?! “Maybe it’s the thing they injected.”, he said and swallowed, tried to push himself away from the door without falling over. He failed so he quickly grabbed the doorframe again to hold himself up. “It would make sense why we feel that bad. If it was some kind of poison… maybe they want us to die slowly.” Khan hissed before he looked back at the door and sighed deeply.

Okay. He needed to focus. He was an augmented human being, a door shouldn’t stop him, not even if he was poisoned or drugged. He shook his head, clenched his teeth together before he stepped back - standing on his own but one could clearly see he had a hard time while doing it - and then he started to kick against the door. The loud noise was echoing through the hallway as he did so - one, two, three times.

Then the door made a sound and burst open as Khan kicked it the fourth time. Khan groaned and fell on his knees, his hands prevented him from smashing his head to the stony ground.

She wondered if whatever she’d been given was affecting her more slowly for some reason or maybe she’d been given it a significant time after him. she wondered why she’d been taken in the first place. Why he had. She wasn’t going to ask it aloud though/ She wanted to jump up and stop him from hurting himself, stop him from being thrown back or breaking himself. She couldn’t find the energy to stand up. Instead she leaned back as a wave of sick nausea rolled over her. She didn’t say anything about it though.

As soon as he broke through the door she was up though, ready to fight and defend if she had to. There was a moral dilemma here somewhere but she chose not to see it as she rushed to his side. “Are you okay? Someone would have heard that. We have to go.” she was trying to haul him to his feet in the moment she said it only to be thrown off balance by her own equilibrium betraying her. Her shoulder slammed into hard concrete and her vision blurred. She managed to avoid cracking her head but the blood hadn’t stopped dripping from her nose. “Have to go…”

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"I have found that the Jefferies Tubes are far less comfortable than one might think." He commented, recalling a time when a mission had gone wrong and the ship had been taken over. He, Jim, McCoy and most of the rest of the bridge crew had to take shifts sleeping while the rest kept watch and the maintenance areas of the ship were not picked up on scans. Two days of guerrilla warfare had gotten the Enterprise back in their possession but Spock had never been more satisfied to see Elonat and his own bed again. Where she had hidden herself, he had never thought to ask.

"I  do not think Arev would be able to do more than crawl in many places in the maintenance portions of the ship anyway. Elonat does not fit in many of those areas." He added almost as an afterthought.

When she exited the room again he listened to her question and considered it. He was not needed on the Bridge, they were not doing anything that required him to be there even despite Jim being off duty. Sulu was working his way through the command information he needed to take a bridge shift on his own as was Uhura. Between the two of them, he was certain nothing would go amiss and he could be called at any point. He nodded.

"I would not mind." He agreed, "The Enterprise is for the most part true to the blueprints but with our chief engineer aboard, at times, certain corridors are changed and doorways move to different locations out of necessity for a modification. It is logical to wish for an escort." He told her, watching Elonat as the Sehlat moved closer to the door to watch Arev through the doorway though she would not enter herself, it was entirely more rude to enter a private room without permission than it was to brush up against other daemons. Daemons touching was socially acceptable among Humans even if it was not necessarily true among Vulcans. It was rude in either culture to barge into a room without permission.

"Oh gosh, I don’t do too well in small spaces if I’m being completely honest here." she admitted and ran a hand through her hair. "I was helping build a Starship when one of the decks collapsed. I was trapped for several hours in a very confined space before anyone could get me out. The Jefferies tubes would actually be larger then the space I had to move in." as she was talking her hands were moving as if explaining how she was trapped and in which position. After a second she had to bring her hand up to her head.

"Whoa…" she blinked rapidly, trying to clear her vision. "Sorry, I talk with my hands and it can me disorienting sometimes. I’m not quite sure why." she shrugged it off and gestured for him to lead on. "I really do appreciate this, Commander. Besides, it gives me a chance to pick your brain about your times at the Academy. I’m pretty interested in your work. Come on Arev!" she called, the le-matya bounding out after her.

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Maybe they really were after the Augment and not after her - but now they both were here and Khan had managed it to get her into danger, just because he was who he was - an augmented human being. Over three hundred years old. Superior. The one with the super blood. Khan took a deep breath and gritted his teeth together before he put his strength into his legs so he could walk more on his own again, even if his bones and muscles started to protest. They went up the stairs to a heavy looking door, even Khan could see it through his blurred vision, but when she tried to open it nothing happened. It was locked. Khan groaned slowly and rubbed his hands over his face - he felt weak, he needed to get his strength back! “Fuck this shit.”, he hissed at himself and his bods as he leaned against the door, took off his body weight from the woman’s body. "Fuck this… I hate it.”

"Dammit!" she suppressed the urge to hit the door violently and repeatedly, instead sitting down on the steps. "I’m sorry." she grumbled out as she shook her head. "I know I should be more useful than this. Fuck, sorry.” she was trying to think of some way to fix this, to get them out of this… but her head wasn’t clear. She couldn’t think properly. She felt something roll down her face and brought her hand to her nose. Blood. She had a nose bleed. “What the hell?”

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Loving me is asking for disaster.

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The most nsfw pudding ever.

The most nsfw pudding ever.

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xi am severely pansexual


"Of course I can do stairs!”, Khan snapped at her question, but he knew that he was weak at that very moment. But sitll he couldn’t believe that a drug or anything had knocked him out that much, so he put more hope into his own body than was - probably - healthy. “I am not that broken, I am sure.”, he demanded, his voice showing that he wasn’t that sure about himself though he tried to sound as strong as always. They slowly started to walk up the stairs then, the steps creaking under their feet, when suddenly the light started to flicker. Khan blinked again, hoped his vision would become better soon - he needed to see what was going on!

Kobi paused as the light flickered, eyes narrowing. “Okay, faster.” she insisted as she tugged him along up the steps, more than just half carrying him now. “I’m not sure who has us but I’m pretty sure you don’t want them to catch us.” she wasn’t sure why she was here. In fact, she was almost positive the person who’d taken them were solely after him.

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"Mmhmm," Christine acknowledged. "I like swimming, but I don’t like feeling like I’ve been swimming with my clothes on."

"I guess I’d appreciate it more if it was a dry heat." she agreed. "Is it like this in your home town? Heavy? Or is it different?" she was trying to keep her talking. Focused on anything that wasn’t this situation.

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